On-Location Corporate Headshot Booths

On-Location Headshot Photo Booths are often the best high volume headshot photography solution for larger offices and many corporate clients desiring headshots services be provided on site. By bringing portable studio lighting and gear to create a ‘Photo Headshot Booth’ at remote client locations like offices, conference centers and resorts, professional headshots may be photographed right where your employees are working.

As with in studio headshots, professional headshot retouching options are available.

Often for the larger offices and companies desiring headshots of their staff for company directories and such, on site photo headshot booths are common.

By setting up a headshot photo booth at client locations, more uniform corporate looks for employee and executive headshots are maintained across a company’s websites even when there are multiple offices located in different regions of the country and world. At very large companies or at conferences, a remote photo headshot booth setup is usually an economical way to craft professional employee headshots for large numbers of employees or clients as certain efficiencies of scale and time are realized by having the headshot photographer come to your business or conference center.

By appointment, remote Headshot Booth services may be arranged for your staff and executives throughout Greater Phoenix and Scottsdale. For very large staffs, multiple booths may be set up to run in parallel and handle very large volumes of client headshots in relatively short periods of time, depending on your needs for output and the number of headshots desired with the time you have available.

Typically, on site headshot booths achieve a more uniform feel by using the same background look enterprise wide. Plain white paper backgrounds are very trendy currently as it works very well for web and is very forgiving when photographing large numbers of people while keeping to a more uniform look.

Alternatively, colored backgrounds or grays are available options, though these typically require retouching to maintain a more uniform background look when shot on different days or with people of varying heights and widths.

If you have a larger office or offices, it may be time to consider on-location corporate headshot photo booths as an option.

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