Corporate Website Headshots

Corporate Website Headshots

Corporate Looks in professional headshots can be very effective ways for groups of executives and teams of collaborators in various companies to present a more unified and professional seeming branded look.

Thus it is quite usual for headshots for large and medium sized corporate websites to have definite or prescribed Corporate Looks to which both photographer and headshot client must conform.

For professional photographers, corporate looks may prescribe anything from a professional headshot’s required aspect ratio, such as portrait, landscape or square, image deliverable size in pixels or in inches, DPI (Dots per Inch) resolution of images, specific sometimes unusual, out of style colors of backgrounds, like red, blue, green or yellow, fall off of light on the background, patterns or shapes of light and dark on the background, the required amount and size of headspace (space between top of head and top of image frame), overall lighting patterns, lighting diagrams and or lighting ratios which may need to be followed and so on. Sometimes, the corporate art department will be in charge of editing, cropping or interfacing with your professional photographer. Other corporations may require or eschew certain post processing touches. In short, it can be very varied and must be sorted out, prior to your sitting.

Depending on the degree of constraints and requirements, Corporate Look matching may incur special charges for extra preparation and setup, production coordination, procurement and use of special backgrounds and so on.

For professionals seeking a headshot for their corporate websites, the needs required of the photographer by your corporate requirements must be communicated to your photographer ahead of your sitting, so your photography professional can be appropriately prepared and have in stock any custom lighting or backgrounds which may be required and can plan your headshot photo shoot knowing the exact process and deliverables required.

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