Glamour & Modeling Headshots

Glamour and Modeling Headshots

Glamour headshot photography is essentially about making you your most beautiful and capturing that beauty photographically. These are beauty headshots bringing out your prettiest, or handsomest best in portrait form.

Models, fashion magazines and people who just wish to look great in a photograph will commission a glamour headshot like these. At Phoenix Headshots, Yucel has the know-how to pull off a gorgeous glamour headshot of you.  Glamour headshots is something the in the know crowd do for themselves.

Seeing a beautiful headshot of yourself is a transformative kind of photo therapy… It’s so empowering seeing yourself in a finished glamour print looking so pretty. By having for yourself the treatment like all the photos in magazines of people who benefited from the glamour photography’s magic, seeing yourself by that same light can be transformative to your self-esteem in ways you could never imagine beforehand.

Almost everyone is uniformly amazed, because it takes care and tradecraft and a bit of art to have you too looking like you came out of the pages of a magazine. Though it can be done, for anyone who is committed to the process, which includes makeup, hair styling, and wardrobe, as well as photography and editing… lots of editing, you must make the commitment and take the step of booking your photographer.

While expression is key to a successful glamour or modeling headshot, the range of expression that will work for a glamour shot is quite wide… So Yucel will find the ones for you that scream ‘Glamorous’!

Glamour headshots are great gifts for loved ones, for use on dating sites, social media… and are the perfect gift of beauty for oneself… perhaps in a large ego print for the living room… Or that one your loved one puts over the fireplace, as constant reminder of what you look like with a bit of care and photo magic.

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