On-Location Corporate Headshot Booths

Many corporate clients and large event functions have headshot photography provided on site. On-Location Headshot Photo Booths usually offer the best high volume Professional Headshot Photography solution for larger corporate offices and events. In fact, due to convenience and economies of scale, Corporate Headshot Photography, for many in the business world, only happens during hosted headshot photo booth style event functions. Corporate Headshot Booth Package Pricing is available by clicking here. The photographic results are very close to those achieved in studio headshots, given similar time budgets per headshot.

The Corporate Headshot Photography Experience Comes to You

On site professional photography, using the headshot photo booth setup, whether at a resort, conference center, your business offices or any other suitable spaces, brings the headshot studio experience, out of the studio, directly to your venue. We bring portable professional studio lighting, backdrops and photographic gear to your location of choice. With recent advances in modern battery operated studio equipment, we are able to create a mini headshot studio ‘Photo Headshot Booth’ at most any remote client location. Professional headshots may now be photographed right where your employees or clients are working to provide a professional headshot experience to those taking advantage of the opportunity, ie, during retreats, executive conferences, sales meetings, and the like. For larger jobs, On-Location Studio Style Headshot Photography Booths may provide the most cost effective high volume headshot photography solution. Savings may be realized both directly and in time savings for employees by way of reduced travel times. As the volumes of headshots at large offices, professional groups and more sizable corporate clients increases, usually the headshot per employee investments are reduced significantly. Having many fine resort hotels in Scottsdale, Phoenix and surrounding areas, we often are called to provide Photo Booth style headshot services to those visiting Arizona briefly for business purposes at their conference sites. For best outcomes, setting up the headshot booth takes about an hour before the photography begins. A minimum of 10x20 unobstructed feet of space with 8 foot minimum ceilings is required for the set up. Depending on your coverage need, power access may not be necessary, as modern studio lighting now operates on batteries for remarkably extended periods of photography. As with in studio headshots, professional headshot retouching options are available. Stylists are also an option for quick touch up to hair and makeup.  Surprisingly, many men benefit more from this service than the ladies, as the ladies often are up on their styling, while the men may benefit greatly from having powder applied for shine and bags under eyes reduced. For larger volume headshots of staff for company directories and such, the on site photo headshot booths is usually the most common and extremely cost effective solution. Typically, on site headshot booths achieve a more uniform feel by using the same background look enterprise wide. Plain white paper backgrounds are very trendy currently, as it works very well for web and is very forgiving when photographing large numbers of people while keeping to a more uniform look across company websites. Alternatively, colored backgrounds or grays are available options, though these typically require retouching to maintain a more uniform background look when shot on different days or with people of varying heights and widths. By appointment, remote Headshot Booth services may be arranged for your staff and executives throughout Greater Phoenix and Scottsdale. For very large staffs, multiple booths may be set up to run in parallel and handle very large volumes of client headshots in relatively short periods of time, depending on your needs for output and the number of headshots desired with the time you have available. If you have a larger office or offices, it may be time to consider on-location corporate headshot photography booths as an option.

This service includes two highly skilled headshot portrait photography professionals working together as a team.  If pricing is a great concern, consider our On-Location Economy Portrait Headshot Service     with one skilled photographer, see examples and pricing here.

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