Seniors Lifestyle Modeling Acting Portfolio Portraits

Personal or Professional Portrait Portfolios with a Senior, Modeling or Lifestyle-esque feel

Lifestyle portraits are popular for Models, Actors, Seniors, Dating Profiles or just those looking for personal portraits shot in an environment.

These professional photography sessions  provide opportunity for a varied range of lifestyle type portraits and have that 'portfolio' feel.

Lifestyle photography packages include delivery large adjusted JPG's of all images from your portrait session.

The sessions are scheduled for 2 and a half total hours and includes 1 and a half hours of photography and wardrobe changes in the vicinity of our studio for only $695.  The balance of the time is allotted to image adjustments and review.  Your portraits are typically ready for delivery at the end of your appointment.

If desired, full hand retouching will be $85 a la carte, per image selected and will be performed and delivered as time allows.

For lifestyle photography requiring travel to locations out of our immediate studio vicinity, 1 and a half hour photography sessions will be $895.  Due to being away from the studio and travel times involved, with travel sessions, the review and adjustment process may be conveniently scheduled separately in our studio offices at some time following photography image capture.

If hair, makeup or wardrobe styling is desired, these options are available at a variety of price points depending on a variety of factors, such as venue, type of styling, number of looks, etc.   Depending on type and degree of styling, overall session schedules may be expanded significantly, for example, doing full hair and makeup on site alone can take two hours, while touch ups can take only a few minutes.  Wardrobe styling may require preplanning.  Etc.

Longer photography sessions are available, are only $395 per hour of additional scheduled photography.  These are billed in half hour increments.   Just let us know when booking.  Longer sessions allow more locations and wardrobe changes.  Longer sessions also lengthen image adjustment and review times as well, possibly requiring review and adjustment sessions to be scheduled separately in cases of longer shoots.

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