On-Location Environmental Headshot Portrait Photography

Environmental headshots are often the choice for executives, business people, real estate professionals, models, actors and/or actresses who desire a more organic, less studio feel to their headshot.

Others interested in portraits, whether for a wall or as a gift, or to create a portfolio as a model, actor, for dating, business use, or just for fun or loved ones, the inclusion of the feel of environment often adding interesting context, making these packages often a best choice.

Whether in Phoenix, Scottsdale or surrounding areas, we shoot indoor environmental headshots in office complexes, homes and suitable public spaces.

During the hotter months of the year, as the mercury passes 100 degrees, we shoot headshots indoors almost exclusively to keep your audiences from seeing you sweet.

During cooler months, we use both indoor and outdoor settings as desired to your craft your background's look and feel.

For single headshots, on location photography can be a somewhat pricier headshot option as best outcomes require an assistant to handle the gear as well as travel time and possibly a location scout prior to the photography in certain circumstances.

For larger offices and groups, volume and time savings for busy executives often makes on-location photography a much more economical headshot option for tight budgets.  As a rule of thumb, for groups of 4 to 10 and more people, on-location headshots are often the most economical solution on a per head basis.

If you decide to have your headshot done on location, for logistical or budget reasons, and like a more studio feel and look to a headshot, the an other option to consideration may be going with an On-Location Photobooth.



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